Stormwater Utility

Major Responsibilities

The Stormwater Utility is responsible for maintenance, repair, and upgrades to the stormwater system. All municipal piped systems, natural ditches, and surface and subsurface stormwater drains need to be managed for flooding and water quality activities. Many of these activities are mandated under the Federal EPA MS4 Program. When properly protected and managed these interrelated systems can act to filter pollutants, assist in flood control, and protect wildlife. 

Standard Services Provided

  • Alley, curb, and culvert maintenance and repair
  • Roadside ditch repair & catch basin maintenance
  • Street sweeping
  • Storm sewer lining
  • Stormwater capital improvement projects
  • Stormwater Coordinator and Stormwater Inspector
  • Stormwater Master Plan and GIS inventory

Impervious Area Map

The city's main Interactive GIS Map shows the entire impervious area coverage for the city. The layer contains information about total impervious area in square feet and total ERUs based on this area. Print maps can also be requested from the City Engineer’s office at 740-617-4910.

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