Getting Started

Please place your recyclable items in the blue-lidded 96-gallon COZ Recycling tote.

Recyclable Items That the City Collects

  • Aluminum: Food and beverage cans. Rinse thoroughly.
  • Cardboard: Brown corrugated cardboard, free of food residue. It must be bundled in no longer than 4 feet lengths and kept dry.
  • Glass: Clear and colored glass food and beverage containers. Rinse thoroughly, remove neck rings and lids.
  • Newspaper, Office Paper, Magazines: Please be sure that these items are clean and dry.
  • Plastic: Number 1 Pete and Number 2 & 5 HDPE plastic only. Look for the three arrow recycling symbol on your plastic container. The number in the center of the symbol indicates the material it is composed of. 
    • Examples of Number 1 plastics are spring water bottles and soft drink bottles. 
    • Examples of Number 2 plastics are milk jugs and laundry detergent bottles. Rinse thoroughly.
    • Examples of Number 5: polypropylene-bottle caps
  • Steel/Bi-metal: Food and beverage cans. Rinse thoroughly.

Recycling Collection Guidelines

  • Please have your recyclables out by 5 am on your designated collection day, and have them in clear view so that they are easily spotted by the collectors.
  • Please do not have any trash in your recyclable tote, this contaminates the material, and it will result in your tote not being collected.
  • Please do not place materials that the city does not collect for recycling in your tote. For example: A disposable plastic container that is a Number 4 plastic. Although this container is recyclable, the city only collects 1, 2 &5.  Please do not include containers that held toxic substances such as motor oil, weed killer, anti-freeze, etc.
  • Please make sure that all recyclable material is as clean as it can be.

Collection of Recyclables by an Unauthorized Person

Once your recyclable material is placed on your curbline or alley collection site it becomes the property of Zanesville. No one is allowed to collect it but the city sanitation employee. Anyone taking recyclables will be given a citation for the theft of city property as stated in Codified Ordinances of the City of Zanesville (952.05). If a household wishes to donate or sell their recyclable items they are free to do so.