Building & Code Enforcement

Major Responsibilities

  • Building
    • Conduct Residential Plan Reviews
    • Issue Plan Approvals and Permits for the following:
      • Residential Building,Electrical and Mechanical (does not include plumbing) 
      • Residential and Commercial Sidewalk, Curbs and Curb Cuts
      • Residential and Commercial Demolitions
      • Moving of Houses or Accessory Structures over 14 feet wide or greater than 450 square feet
    • Conduct Inspections
      • Residential Building, Electrical and Mechanical
      • Commercial Building, Electrical and Mechanical
      • Commercial Fire Alarms and Fire Suppression Systems
      • Certificate of Occupancy
      • Sidewalks and Curbs
      • Demolition
  • Code Enforcement
    • Enforce Provisions of the International Property Maintenance Code
    • Enforce Provisions of the Codified Ordinances of the City of Zanesville
    • Enforce Provisions of the Zoning Code
    • Conduct Inspections and Investigations
    • Initiate Legal Proceedings for Code Violations
    • Provide Consultation on Code Requirements
    • Respond to Written Public Records Request

Standard Services Provided

  • Consultation on Code requirements
  • Initiate legal proceedings against code violators
  • Issue miscellaneous permits (sign, moving)
  • Provide lists of condemned properties (Procedure II and Procedure III)

Areas of Service Not Generally Known

  • Issue Contractors License
    • Master,Journeyman and Apprentice Electrical License