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Accessory Structure Requirements

  1. Letterhead Template
  2. Requirements
    Requirements include: A Site Plan, drawn to scale, showing the actual dimensions and the shape of the lot, the location and width of easements or no build zones, and the applicant agrees to comply with all conditions, modifications, restrictions and/or regulations of the City of Zanesville associated with this permit.
  3. Shed/Detached Garage:
    Show the location and setback from all property lines for the proposed structure.
  4. Deck
    Show the location and dimensions of the proposed deck. Show the existing and proposed setbacks of the existing building(s) and the proposed deck from all property lines.
  5. Fence/Wall
    Show the location and dimensions of the proposed deck. Note: Smooth finished side of the fence/wall shall face out from the applicant's yard.
  6. Other Accessory Structures
    Please show applicable setbacks on Site Plan.
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