Who has to pay the stormwater fee?

All developed properties that contain impervious area are charged a stormwater fee. Commercial properties are billed per Equivalent Residential Unit (ERU) (2,300 square foot), while single-family residential properties, duplexes, some condominiums, and some agricultural land are billed at 1 ERU. Undeveloped lots will be excluded since there is no impervious area on those properties.

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1. Why does Zanesville need a new Stormwater Fee?
2. How did Zanesville pay for stormwater activities before the creation of the Stormwater Utility?
3. Who has to pay the stormwater fee?
4. What types of projects and activities will be the responsibility of the new stormwater utility?
5. What is impervious area?
6. What is an ERU?
7. Are there credits available to offset the ERU Fee?