Public Safety Director

Major Responsibilities

  • Coordinates erection of parking, handicap, speed limit, etc. signs with the Street Superintendent
  • Deals with traffic and parking problems
  • Oversees Police, Fire and Building/Code Enforcement Divisions
  • Serves on Board of Control

Standard Services Provided

  • Approves barricade permits and street/curb cuts
  • Presents traffic orders to Council, issues various licenses:
    • Ambulance
    • Arcade
    • Carnival
    • Parking lot
    • Sidewalk
    • Skating rink
    • Theater
    • Tree
    • Taxi
  • Provides weed control program

Areas of Service Not Generally Known

  • Gives permission for parades, bike races, special walks and other special events
  • Issues junk yard licenses (inside city limits)
  • Oversees the litter Prevention/Recycling Program manager
  • Schedules and coordinates the handling of banners for special events